No Nano-SIM cutter for iPhone 5? Just run with scissors

The iPhone 5 is now officially available in 31 countries – and unofficially in perhaps triple that number.

While telecom operators in some countries where the product isn’t yet officially available – including Gulf nations such as Oman and Bahrain – have gone ahead and launched a nano-SIM, there remain plenty of countries where the device is available but the right-sized SIM is conspicuous by its absence.

In such cases, the nano-SIM cutter – being retailed in numerous online and physical stores – comes handy. But what if a restless iPhone 5 fan can’t find the cutter or can’t wait three to seven working days for it to be shipped to her or his destination?

A number of nifty users and even telecom operators are suggesting that you can do it right in your living room – using the ubiquitous pair of scissors or even a paper cutter.

GiffGaff, a UK-based mobile service operator, have put up a blog entry detailing how they managed to cut a normal SIM down to the size of a
nano-SIM, and how it works on the iPhone 5. They’re encouraging their customers to do the same.

The guidelines for the exact size and how to chop the chip scientifically can be found on iClarified, which publishes tips and news for Apple devices and products.

There also a number of videos available online on YouTube detailing how this can be done. Here’s one such video we stumbled upon.



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