Now, a halal version of Facebook

A new social networking site will be launched in cyberspace during Ramadan this year. The 'halal' social networking site will be called 'Salamworld'. It aims to provide a safe online environment for Muslims.

The site, which is pegged as an Islamic alternative to the popular social netowrking site Facebook, will be kept free of all things that are forbidden in Islam, reports New Strait Times.

For example, anything to do with pornography, criminal activities, fraud, paedophilia and advertisements on gambling and alcohol, will be strictly prohibited on the site.

A site's promo outlined the idea behind Salamworld: "By filtering out harmful content, and by making the content uphold and respect family values, we confirm to the requirements of Muslims throughout the world.

"At Salamworld, our aim is to overcome all political, language and cultural barriers, to open the world to Muslims, and open Muslims to the world."

During an interview with the Hürriyet Daily News, one of the upcoming site's owners, Siberian Muslim businessman Abdulvahed Nizayov was quoted by the daily as saying: "Muslims in the world are not well-represented on the Internet; we want to change this situation.

"However, we're not constructing an Internet mosque, we are just creating a halal environment for Muslims."

The Islamic network plans to garner 50 million users within the next three years.

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