Now share documents on your WhatsApp

Did you know that until recently, you could not share documents on WhatsApp. Well, that just changed last week after WhatsApp started allowing users to share documents, but currently limited it to PDF documents.

In a new update that was released on March 2, WhatsApp lists the ability to send and receive PDF documents as one of the new features.

Earlier, it had added several new features including adding over 100 new emoji, support for additional languages including Tagalog and Malayalam but also announced that it would soon be limiting its support to phones running BlackBerry OS and older Nokia and Windows devices.

Meanwhile, even the latest feature does not allow you to do much. Several android users have complained that they are unable to attach files from their local storage while iOS users say they cannot attach documents unless they are stored on the iCloud.

Meanwhile, for those who can, they will not be able to send PDF files unless the recipient too has downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp.

Users will also not be able to send PDF files to groups unless everyone in the group have downloaded the latest version. It should be noted that several rival platforms including Telegram, which is marketing itself as a much more safer platform with higher levels of encryption have document share enabled where users can send any document whatsoever.

WhatsApp has many such limiting features and here is a list of top five:

Limited photo sharing

While WhatsApp allows users to share pictures and images, you can currently only select ten images to be shared at a time. That involves the hassle of getting back to the gallery, and sorting between folders.

Permission free adding

Anyone who is on your contact list of having your number will be able to add you to any group without your permission. One of the recent complaints we received from a reader referred to him being added to a group which circulated random pics of children on WhatsApp. "I had to not only exit the group but also block the group," he said. Although you can simply exit the group and block the group preventing from being added again, the WhatsApp still has no inbuilt safeguard against this.

Voice message preview

It would be highly desirable for WhatsApp to create a facility where voice messages can be previewed and if possible not sent after it is recorded. Currently, the moment it is recorded a voice note irrespective of its content is automatically sent to the recipient. Many users have tried to recall messages that could have accidentally recorded a companion's scream or a surprise expression of shock or the sender's own unintended expression.

Invisible mode

Have you ever tried going invisible on WhatsApp. While a feature allows you to disable read receipts and also disable the 'last seen" timestamp, your contact will  be able to see that you are  online the moment you get on to the stamp, thereby simply defeating the very idea of a person deciding to get on invisible mode.


While you can send videos, and even various types of emoji on WhatsApp, users still do not have the ability to send GIF animations.

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