Official launch of new iPad 3 in UAE soon

Sources say Apple’s latest tablet will be officially launched here by April 30

The official launch of the new iPad in the UAE could be around the corner, but is anybody bothered?

According to sources within the industry, the iPad3 will officially launch in the UAE before April 30.

However with abundant stock available in the grey market and prices as low as its original retail price in other markets, leading retail outlets in the country could have already lost out on the race.

A grey market merchandiser yesterday told Emirates 24|7 that he is trying to move his remaining stocks at the earliest before the new iPad becomes officially available in the UAE market.

“Based on information from my sources I have learnt that the new iPad will be brought to the UAE within the next two weeks.

“That’s the reason we are trying to move our remaining stocks at the earliest. But you can never be sure, especially when it’s an apple product the dates are never fixed,” he said.

The Apple store, however, refused to confirm or deny the news.

“We will only get to know when the listing will be out on the website,” said a customer-care executive at the Apple call centre.

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An official at Arab Business Machine the official retailer of Apple products in the UAE too was unaware of the UAE launch date.

“Even we are in the dark,” said a staff member from ABM.

Stocks of iPad 2 at stores including EMax that still do not have the iPad 3 on sale are fast running out.

Many such other stores who have refused to sell products unless they are officially launched are at the receiving end as many others have managed to purchase the new iPad from markets outside the UAE and are selling it here at a premium.

At Sharaf DG the New iPad is selling for Dh2,449 for a 16GB wifi only model while a 32GB model is priced at Dh2,849.

The 4G models are, however, still not available.

Bittu Jethani of Sheeba General Trading says the sales of new iPads had dropped after the initial rush. “These days it is not moving that fast.

“All those who wanted to buy have already done so. We are just able to sell about four or five retail units daily,” he said.

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