Online retail war: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge prices drop; same day delivery

Samsung continued to remain in the number one spot although its share declined over 7.7 per cent during the last quarter. (File)

Call it bitter competition among online traders, or an aggressive sales pitch to capture the traditional in-store markets, but consumers have ended up as beneficiaries.

The latest price war features the new Samsung smartphones.

The price of both, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, has been slashed.

At least two rival online traders have dropped the prices by between Dh250 and Dh300.

The Galaxy S6 (32GB) is officially selling across major retail outlets for Dh2,599 while the S6 Edge starts from Dh3,099.

First it was that announced its pricing, marking the 32GB Galaxy S6 Dh2,309 against the retail price of Dh2,599. It also dropped the price of the S6 Edge from Dh3,099 to Dh2,909.

The retailer is also offering same day delivery.

Souq has priced it even cheaper and has listed the 32 GB Galaxy S6 at Dh2,299. The Edge version with a similar configuration is priced at Dh2,799.

What needs to be noted is that almost all discounts are on white coloured devices. The gold and black versions retain the original pricing.

Meanwhile, Samsung might soon come out with two additional colours it has promised in its advertisements.

The end of this official video from Samsung points to a blue and green coloured Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. 


But, both the green emerald S6 Edge and the blue topaz S6 are currently missing from stores. Reports indicate that Samsung could release the two new colours next month.


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