Price of Apple iPhone4s in the UAE on a downward spiral

The cost of iPhone 4S in the UAE has been steadily dropping over the last few weeks as users anticipate the announcement of a successor.

In the latest price drop, a deal on a group buying website is offering the 16GB iPhone 4S for Dh2,629, a drop of 20 per cent to the product’s price in various electronic stores across the country.

Some classified advertisements are promising to sell the 16GB 4S for as low as Dh2,000 in a special deal.

Apple launched the iPhone 4S last October instead of the much awaited iPhone 5 along with its revolutionary voice recognition software Siri.

The 16GB device was initially being sold in the UAE in the grey market for Dh5200. Within a month the prices dropped to Dh4250.

In December, both Etisalat and du officially launched the 4S in the UAE with a price tag of Dh2,749 for the 16 GB device.

The UAE prices are much lower to what Apple is charging for its new models elsewhere outside the United States and Europe.

In India while the 16GB iPhone is priced at Rs44.500 (Dh3,325) in Indonesia, where Apple officially launched the 4S on Friday it is priced at $850 (Dh3,121).

According to Nishanth Kamath one of the reasons for the drop in prices in the UAE is due to the anticipation of the next level model. “Apple funs now want to look forward to the new model. Yes, Siri has been amazing, but I am eagerly awaiting to find out what is new in the iPhone 5.”

According to Bittu S who deals with mobile phones and other electronics at Dubai based outlet, the price may not drop further. “Initially the cost was artificially high because of the non availability. Today the situation has changed and the price has evened out. We may not see a further drop from here on,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to latest figures, 4S dominated sales in the US market since October 2011. A recent survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners notes that about 89 per cent of all US iPhone sales can be attributed to apple’s new smartphone.

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