Ready for iPhone 7 (or 6S): Apple's 3 new devices in Sept?

The beta version of the new iOS 9 is expected to be released to the public sometime in July. (Supplied)

Apple is getting ready for the September launch of the latest editions of iPhones and this time it’s not just two, but three new models.

Media reports quoting sources from the supply chain have confirmed that Apple has already started production work on the new editions of iPhones, which it plans to equip with Force Touch displays.

There are also reports that Apple might introduce three new versions of iPhones this year, with a possible inclusion of iPhone 6C.

A report by Bloomberg on Saturday (June 27), quoting “people with knowledge of the matter”, said that the devices would include the pressure sensitive displays but also warned that there are supply chain constraints due to short supply of such displays.

Will it be Tuesday again?

It is widely expected that Apple could launch the device in September and most probably on September 8, which happens to be a Tuesday.

Apple launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on September 9 in 2014, which was a Tuesday. Similarly, the iPhone 5S was unveiled by Apple on September 10, 2013, which again happened to be a Tuesday.

However in 2012, Apple had unveiled the iPhone 5 on a Wednesday, September 12.

iPhone 6S or iPhone 7?

As far as the naming strategy is concerned, Apple could decide to call the devices iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, rather than iPhone 7.

With no major design changes expected this year, Apple could follow the pattern it has followed since the launch of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a pretty decent record predicting Apple strategies in his note to investors had pointed out way back in April that the new iPhone will be called iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Will there be a 4" iPhone 6C? 

This year’s launch could well be the first time Apple might unveil three new devices, which might include an iPhone 6C.

Amidst demands that Apple should come out with a more powerful 4-inch device, some reports from China indicate that Apple has signed a deal with one of its suppliers for 4-inch screens. With both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus moving away from 4-inch screens, the new screens could well be for the iPhone 6C.

Below are some of the main new features that we could get to see in the new iPhones:

iOS 9

The beta version of the new iOS 9 is expected to be released to the public sometime in July. Currently those who have signed up for the developers programme can download the beta version for testing.

The new OS is expected to come with loads of upgrades including an enhanced Siri, multitasking - mostly on the iPad but might also include the iPhone, a new Apple news app, more interactive map and most importantly an enhanced battery life.

Battery Life

The iPhone 6 is powered by an 1,810mAh battery. Based on the usage, it lasts for around 18 to 34 hours. With the launch of iOS 9, Apple plans to enhance the battery life of not just the new iPhone but all other devices running the software by an additional hour. You can also opt to use the low power mode and increase it by an additional three hours. However, it remains to be seen if Apple would increase the iPhone 6S battery to a 2,800mAh or a 3000mAh battery to add extra power into the new iPhone.

Force touch

Apple first introduced Force Touch into the Apple Watch and then into the MacBook, raising speculations that the feature could soon be rolled out to include the iPhones.

The technology uses tiny electrodes around the flexible retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls.

With Force Touch on Apple Watch, pressing firmly on the screen brings up additional controls in apps like Messages, Music, and Calendar.

Thicker body

With the incorporation of Force Touch, it is rumoured that the iPhone might get slightly thicker. We are not talking about a massive difference but a light change of 0.15mm in length and an increase of 0.2mm in thickness. Otherwise the design elements of the iPhone could well be the same as iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

2GB of RAM

The current version of the iPhone is powered by 1GB of RAM but it is widely expected that Apple could boost the memory by increasing it to 2GB. Earlier reports quoting supply chain sources had pointed out that companies such as Hynix, Samsung, and Micron-Elpida are in the process of supplying the components to Apple.

Camera upgrade

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus could come with an enhanced camera sensor. While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus features an 8 MP sensor - the powers and capabilities of which Apple has been advertising enough through massive billboards, the camera on the iPhone 6S might get a further boost with a 12 MP sensor, and a possible dual-lens DSLR quality camera.

More colours

Currently the iPhones come in silver, gold and space grey. But expect Apple to a pink version of the iPhone. Third party retailers have already been customising the iPhones such as the 24k pink gold iPhone.

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