Renewed Emirates ID to get auto-updated with Etisalat, Du

Both UAE telecom operators now have an active electronic link with the Emirates ID Authority (Eida), which automatically updates a customer’s Emirates ID once it is renewed.

This means that customers will no longer need to physically visit their respective telecom operator’s centres with the original or a copy of their Emirates ID card to update the information.

Both Etisalat and Du have had this link since the beginning of the year, according to a report in Arabic daily Al Ittihad.

This will benefit all stakeholders of the UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority’s 'My Number, My Identity' campaign, which requires all customers to re-register their mobile numbers by updating their profiles with valid and up-to-date ID details.

Both UAE telecoms operators have re-registration forms online but mobile subscribers couldn’t re-register online because they needed to produce original Emirates ID to register their SIM under the 'My Number, My Identity' campaign.

This step will exempt subscribers who have renewed their ID cards from visiting company branches and service centres to update their data, as the e-link with Eida will now provide telecom companies automatically with updated data for customers.

Emirates 24|7 had reported earlier this month that UAE residents will be able to use their Emirates ID cards to fill up their car tanks from this Tuesday (March 1). The pilot phase will cover four service stations located in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates ID card is mandatory for all citizens and UAE residents, with Eida continuing to link new services to the card.

Earlier this month, Al Etihad Credit Bureau announced that it had launched a new application linked with individual applicants’ Emirates ID that now allows banks in the UAE to track their credit history.

Mashreq is the first UAE bank to enable this advanced feature, and others are set to soon follow, the bureau said.

Emirates ID is already linked as a proof of residence with a number of UAE services, including bank accounts, telecom services and Ejari services.

In addition, Dubai government staff already use their Emirates ID as a medical insurance card, with all other residents set to make that transition this year itself.

In late 2014, Al Hilal Bank became the first bank in the UAE to offer its customers the facility to use their Emirates ID card as Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) cards to withdraw cash from ATM machines.

According to Eida, the Emirates ID card includes an individual’s personal data to be read automatically in usages that require the holder to provide an identity evidence and authentication.

Some of these data are encrypted and only readable/writable/updatable by the authorised authorities in order to protect the privacy of data. This chip may store up to 32,000 letters of information, it says.

The Emirates ID card has nine security features which makes falsification of the card very difficult for such features excels the current used standards in many cards such as the banking credit cards.


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