RIM to sell loss-making BlackBerry

Facebook or Amazon seen as potential buyers of Canadian unit

Attention all BlackBerry users... the company that manufactures your phone may not do so anymore.

According to UK's 'The Sunday Times', Research in Motion (RIM) could be planning to split the company, sell the hardware division and in future concentrate only on the profit making message network.

It also adds that either Facebook or Amazon as potential buyers.  Although the 'Sunday Times' has not quoted any sources, several tech blogs have already obtained a statement from RIM in this regard where it lays emphasis on "turning the company around".

According to a report published on N4BB , RIM staff has hired advisers to help the company examine ways to leverage the BlackBerry platform,"through partnerships, licensing opportunities and strategic business model alternatives".

RIM is the most trusted email and messaging client for enterprise users. The company is working on releasing the next level operating system called the BlackBerry 10, which should offer some serious improvements compared to iPhone and Android if it has to hold on in the fast-growing mobile market.

Meanwhile, several BlackBerry users have expressed shock at the latest decision. "It is a shame if it is true. The company that once dominated the smartphone market is today struggling for survival. Let's how if BB10 can lift their fortunes," said  John K, who has been using a BlackBerry Bold for the last three years.

Mitchell Curtis responding to an article in N4BB says, "I think the plan is to push BB10 as hard as possible and make it the best while making the company smaller are more relegated to a 3rd position competitor. I think they want to see BB10 platform out on the market with the company together and then should it start to falter move this way."

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