Samsung Galaxy S3 prices crash in UAE to Dh1,539

Sale of Samsung S3 smartphones have dropped by half in several outlets across the country as customers anticipate the arrival of the latest Galaxy S4.

'Emirates24|7' visited several electronic stores in key locations and found that in most stores Samsung smartphones continued to remain dominant, even as the price of the smartphone dipped to Dh1,539 today, according to a report in

Pre-registration interest for S4 soars

Meanwhile, a media release from a European retailer Carphone Warehouse claims S4 has already scored over the S3 and might do better in sales over the course of the year.

The release says it is experiencing the ‘busiest pre-registration period ever as the interest in Samsung’s newest Galaxy S4 smartphone has been ‘off the charts’ compared with its predecessors.

The retailer has so far received more than four times (446 per cent ) as pre-registrations for Galaxy S4 than it did when Samsung announced its last flagship device, the S3 in 2012, says Graham Stapleton, Chief Operating Officer at Carphone Warehouse.

“The vast number of pre-registrations we’ve had for this device is evidence how hot the Galaxy S4 is going to be. The launch in New York clearly captured the imagination of many of our customers - acting as the driving force for the busiest pre-registration period we’ve ever seen!

“The Galaxy SIII launch broke records last year and was always going to be a tough one to beat, but the S4 is already proving to be a more than capable step up in the series that will inspire many people to make the switch to Android from other operating systems. This device is the one to watch for 2013.”

The smartphone is expected to arrive in the UAE by May.

S3 sales drop in UAE

“Sales of the S3 has dropped by almost 50 per cent in our store,” says Ahmad K, a retail merchant at one of the electronic stores in Dubai.

While sales of Galaxy S3 had dropped, it was well compensated by increasing numbers of Galaxy Note 2.

Followed by Samsung is the iPhone5 is a few stores and BlackBerry Z10 followed by Nokia Lumia 920.

“In our store the Z10 is selling at almost the same level as the Galaxy S3,” said another staff from the mobile phone division at eMax.

The only factor that is preventing many other prospective customers from choosing the Z1O is the lack of applications,” he said.

“So far there has been no drop in prices for the S3. The last time it dropped was after last year’s Gitex. The prices dropped from over Dh2,400 to Dh2,009. It still continues to sell at the same price range,” he added.

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