Samsung puts Apple's new iPhones on Note (5)

The Note 5 and what could possibly be Note 5 Edge might have a metallic frame and a glass cover. (Supplied)

Samsung may be planning to advance the release date of its new curved Note in an effort to take on Apple’s new iPhones.

Samsung usually unveils the Note early in September during the IFA in Berlin, which is closely followed by Apple launching its iPhones in the same month.

Last year, Samsung announced the Note 4 and the Note Edge just a week ahead of the iPhone, and the latter managed to steal the limelight.

According to latest industry buzz, Samsung may launch the Note 5 within the first week of August, almost a month ahead of the iPhone launch.

Samsung may be hoping that the new dates, although just a few weeks ahead, gives it significant mileage over rival Apple, which plans to unveil not one, but three new models this year.

In terms of features, Note 5 and what could possibly be Note 5 Edge, may not witness any serious design alterations. Both models might have a metallic frame and a glass cover.

Galaxy S6 had a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It is rumoured that Samsung could introduce, 4K resolution into this year’s Note series, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, 16MP camera and a more powerful 4100 mAh battery.

Note Edge is rumoured to have curved 3D glass on both sides, similar to the Samsung S6 Edge.

The future of display

Meanwhile, Samsung yesterday gave a hint as to what appears to be the future of display.

Explaining its existing curved products, the company in its latest blog pointed out that the technology behind Samsung's curved display and glass materials has become one of the key components of the company's design philosophy.

The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus were the first smartphones with Curved Displays and released in 2010 and 2011. Then came the Galaxy Round in 2013 which was curved vertically.

The Note Edge was the first such device offering the first of its kind curved glass and what Samsung says was the thinnest curved screen yet.

According to the company it was the first product to introduce ‘Variable R’ curved glass with multiple curvatures contained in the single 0.55t glass screen.

With the S6 Edge Samsung went a step further and incorporated the technology on both sides of the smartphone.

“The display of the Galaxy S6 Edge is the most advanced 3D glass technology that exists today, and required extensive research and experiments by the device's development staff. Though thinner with a 0.4t body, this seemingly indestructible device is stronger than any previous curved screen, with a higher curve rate than all other existing smart devices,” the note by Samsung says.

While Note 5 Edge could well be an advanced version of the Note Edge, it remains to be seen to what extent Samsung will continue push the display boundaries of its new range.

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