Samsung's Dubai launch on Jan 20: Click here

Samsung has sent out invites to local media for a lunch event on January 20. The invite simply says, “On this day, we won’t be launching products. We’ll be launching people.”

Before you start wondering what it is all about, the ‘Launching People’ project is all about joining hands with people across the world in various projects that enable the use of technology.

The ‘Launching People’ campaign, according to the company, identifies and invests in the potential of inspiring individuals across the globe. Together with Samsung’s support and access to advanced technology, this potential can be actualised.

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 Samsung first launched the project in France in June, followed by South Africa and is now bringing it to the Middle East.

“Over the next year, we’ll work with people all over the world on new and exciting projects that launch people’s potential with the assistance of technology, helping people not only to explore personal passions, but also inspire others,” Samsung said in a note last October.

So if you have an idea that can change the lives of people, just hold on, Samsung will soon be here to assist you.


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