Samsung smartphones flood resale market

Samsung Smartphones are flooding the used phone market with a 50 per cent increase in listings and drop in prices.

Samsung users, mainly in the United States are listing their phones on the used phone market selling off their devices following the negative court verdict in its fight against Apple.

Prices of most Samsung models too are dropping fast as customers are opting for other phone brands.

For all those Samsung fans living outside the US, the trend could mean purchasing their favourite  Samsung device at a much more discounted price.

According to a recent report in MarketWatch, that trades in used phones has registered a 50 per cent increase in Samsung Smartphones over the past few days

The report quoted Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer at as saying: “Consumers seem to be jumping ship… We expect this trend to continue, especially with this latest verdict.”

The South Korean electronics giant’s market cap dropped by $12 billion following a US court verdict ordering Samsung to pay $1bn in damages to Apple over patent violation.

Reports then emerged that Apple is trying to get eight of Smasung’s phones banned in the US.

“The panic reaction from US customers, which currently is one of Samsung’s largest market for mobile phone sales will mean those outside the US to benefit. From a purely consumer’s perspective, the prices are going to drop further,” said Dinesh Kurian an IT engineer working with in Dubai.

The same phenomenon has been observed at other similar online retailers including and

In UAE, however, Samsung phones continued to sell despite the recent negative trends.

According to a sales staff at Emax the trend for customers opting for Galaxy S3 has not changed following the US verdict.

“We continue to sell the same number of units on an average every day,” he staff said.


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