Self-service kiosks in Dubai for visa services

Emiratis have the facility to renew their passports instantly through this self-service. (Supplied)

Following on the success of its highly commended Amer self-services kiosk , which provides customers with prompt GDRFA-related enquiries and services around the clock, the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) has set up more of such kiosks in different areas and places.

Customers can follow up on the processing of their transactions through the Amer self-service kiosks that set up in various locations to facilitate its services and to simplify procedures and provide convenient service to the public.

The kiosks allow customers to perform a variety of operations without the need to visit GDRFA's counters including applying for and enquiring about visa status as well as printing  residence visa and other types of visas.

Emiratis have the facility to renew their passports instantly through this self-service.

Public are encouraged to use the Amer self-Service  available at Dubai International Airport, Ministry of labour, Sharjah Airport, the GDRFA-Dubai headquarters and the external offices of GDRFA.

Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al Marri, Director General of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai said the Amer self-service kiosk reflects the vision of the GDRFA-Dubai to offer best services to the public with competence and efficiency.

Major General Al Marri said the kiosk provide best and most advanced e-services to the public and it offers the best quality and is simple to use.

Major General Al Marri explained that the Amer-Self-Service kiosk is built with touch screen in which the customers can inquire about services offered by the GDRFA-Dubai in an easy and efficient way around the clock.

"The aim of this technology is to encourage the use of the self-service, the beneficiaries include companies, individuals, sponsors and others," he said.

Major General Al Marri said the customer do not need to visit the GDRFA counters for their applications and that will save their time.

"The self-service kiosk is made to make people's life easier because that will allow public to complete visa-related paperwork but can do so at leisure or while shopping or spending time with their families at shopping centers," said Maj. Gen. Al Marri.

The self-service kiosks will allow residents to check the status of their visas and print out their resident/visit visa and visa extensions.

The machines will also allow Emiratis to apply for passport renewal services without visiting GDRFA-Dubai offices.
Major General Al Marri said the kiosks will also allow people to print out labour permits and pay fines for expired residence visas.

Six of the kiosks are stationed at the main building of the GDRFA-Dubai and one is at Dubai International Airport and one is at Al Tawar Centre and one at the Ministry of Labour offices, and one is at Sharjah International airport in addition to four at the external centers of the GDRFA-Dubai.

Those applying for entry visas for relatives or employees headed to Dubai will be able to check the application status in real time and obtain print-outs of documents.

Major General Al Marri said these kiosks are an addition to the GDRFA-Dubai existing services offered to the clients to simplify the procedures and to use the latest data management technology to offer quality services.

The kiosk has a touch screen offering three options: individual log-in, companies log-in and general information.
Following authentication process while using the kiosk, four options appeared including visa, residency, statistics and passport.

Visa option gives you three choices: enquiry, printing and extension stickers.
Residency option gives you two choices: enquiry and printing.

Passport option gives only one choice: passport renewal, for Emiratis.

The Amer Self-Service offers:

Check status of residence/visit visa

Printout resident/visit visa

Check residence or visit visa overstay or validity Sponsors can check status of all persons under their sponsorship via the Amer-self-service kiosk Print out visit visa extension form For inquires call: toll-free number: 8005111



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