'Smart chip' attestation of UAE certificates

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has launched the second generation of ‘smart chip’ for the attestation of certificates issued by private institutions accredited in the UAE.

This is part of the development and upgrade process of the ministry’s e-services to its customers.

The move aims to link the database of institutions with the ministry, and maintain the data of students, their certificates, transcripts and previous credentials in the database of the ministry.

This application provides speed and accuracy in the attestation of certificates, reduces the error margin, and facilitates acquiring information quickly and precisely. In addition, it reduces the cost of service, and guarantees the authenticity of certificates.

Al Ain University of Science and Technology and the American University in Dubai have adopted the use of this application, while other institutions will implement it by the end of the second academic semester of the current academic year (2013/2014).

The electronic chip is embedded on the certificate by the university, and a lot of educational institutions expressed their satisfaction with the use of this electronic solution, which contributed to saving time and effort, and speeding up the attestation process, and to the verification of the authenticity of the certificates.

[Image used for illustrative pupose only via Shutterstock]