Social media under police surveillance

Police discovered files from accused's phone. (Shutterstock)

Social media and other websites are continuously under surveillance by “electronic patrols” in the UAE to detect blackmail and other crimes, an interior ministry official was reported on Sunday as saying.

The “electronic patrols’, created by the ministry recently to hunt for offenders, detected nearly 800 online criminal cases in the country last year, said Brigadier Najm Al Sayyar, Director, Social Support Division, at the ministry.

He told Ras Al Khaimah radio that one case involved the embezzlement of nearly Dh1 million and that it was reported by the victim to the police.

“Our electronic patrols are continuously monitoring websites and social networks in the UAE to ensure discipline and detect criminals and offenders and prevent violations off the privacy of people,” he said.

He said that many victims of online blackmail were women and little girls, adding that authorities deal “secretly” with such cases.

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