Stress bend test: Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus vs HTC One M9

The new video war between Samsung and its critics is over durability of its latest flagship device - Galaxy S6 Edge.

A video uploaded by Square Trade demonstrates the result of a stress test conducted on three devices, a Galaxy S6 Edge, an iPhone 6 Plus and an HTC One M9.

The result – Samsung emerged as the most vulnerable as it bent and broke when applied with a pressure of 110 pounds (49.89kg) compared to iPhone 6 Plus which bent at 110 pounds but broke only at 179 pounds (81kg). HTC one M9 bent and broke at 120 pounds (54.43).

Here’s the video that was posted by Square Trade last week.

Unlike most other tech firms, which either ignore such reports or come out with a response after about six months, Samsung has gone bolder and decided to take on the Square Trade test with a test of its own and has also posted a video of its finding.

In a note published on ‘Samsung Tomorrow’, the company said the normal pressure when humans sit on a phone does not exceed 30kg and that its own test proves that its devices do not bend even at 32kg of pressure.

Terming the Square Trade test as misleading as it has only tested the pressure sensitivity of the front side of the phone, Samsung said, “There are two things that need to be addressed with regard to the (Square Trade) video. First, the video assumes a very specific condition – 110lbf (50kgf), which rarely occurs under normal circumstances. Secondly, though both front and back sides are exposed under the same level of pressure in normal circumstances, this test does not show the strength of the back side.”

Here is a video posted by Samsung

 According to it the normal force that generated when a person presses the back pocket is approximately 66 pounds (30kgs). “Our internal test results indicate that Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are not bendable even under 79lbf (32kg), which is equivalent to putting pressure to snap a bundle of five pencils at once,” it said.

It further added the Square Trade test, which only tested the front side, may mislead consumers about the entire durability of smartphones.

“All our devices are put through rigorous high-quality validation tests before they are delivered to consumers. These tests include various conditions, such as dropping, bending and breakage. And we are confident that all our smartphones are not bendable under daily usage,” it added.

It is crucial for Samsung to fight back what it considers misleading and negative reviews of its S6and S6 Edge as hopes for a turnaround to its fortunes with a better than expected sales.

Meanwhile, the company announced its earnings guidance for the first quarter of 2015 where it said its consolidated sales is estimated to be approximately 47.0 trillion Korean won, while consolidated operating profit could be  approximately 5.9 trillion Korean won.

In comparison, the first quarter of 2014 saw consolidated sales hit 53.68 trillion Korean won and operating profit of 8.49 trillion Korean won.

Both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge are expected to hit retail stores later this month and Samsung is hoping for a big difference in numbers during second quarter.


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