Tablets for just Dh299 in UAE...cheaper than USBs

Are tablets becoming cheaper than USB storage drives? That day may not be really far with the way the tablet prices are crashing. 

Available on market today is what can most probably be the cheapest  tablet in the UAE market. is selling the XTouch X704 tablet for just Dh299. 

Whats more the 7-inch tablet has 8GB storage and runs on Android. It comes with Wifi and 3G capabilities and has USB connectivity apart from both front and back cameras. The device also supports HDMI and can display videos at 2160P (resolution 3840*2160). 

Also available on Souq for the same price is a MID 7 inch tablet that runs on Android 2.2 with 2GB storage. The device which has a 256MB DDR2 has an internal flash memory of 2GB but the capacity can be expanded to 32GB through a tf card. The device also has Wifi and 3G facility apart from a built in camera and can play videos at 720p. 

The drop in tablet prices has been significant. Just a few months back the cheapest tablet available in the UAE market was for Dh750. 

Today one can find more than 20 different types of tablets for less than Dh500 with all advanced features and internal memory running up to 16GB. 

Most of these tablets are manufactured in China. 

Meanwhile, as cheap Chinese tablets make inroads into the global market, Apple's new iPad could soon enter the Chinese market, its largest after the US. 

According to reports, Chinese regulators might soon grant an approval for the sale of the new iPad. China's Telecommunication Equipment Certification Centre, an Apple device with third-generation, or 3G, data capabilities has been issued the license needed for the company to begin sales in China. 

There has been a delay in Apple releasing the new iPad in China following a lawsuit between Apple and Proview International Holding over the trademark of Apple's tablet computer.


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