Tablets, smartphones to go touch-less: Gesture-recognition technology by year-end

ould the next generation Samsung phone or the iPhone6 come out with a gesture or movement-sensitive screen technology whereby one will no more need to touch the screen in certain apps?

A new technology being displayed by STMicroelectronics suggests just that. In what could further revolutionise the mobile technology, the world leader in semiconductor technology has developed a new technology, wherein the screen will recognise a gesture or the hand movement and react accordingly.
Guiseppe Noviello, Product Manager at ST Electronics told 'Emirates24|7' that the technology would become a reality in 2013 itself. “We are working with our partners to make sure that the product is available by the year-end,” said Noviello. However, he refused to specify which model could implement the design.


STM’s major clients are both Samsung, Apple and BlackBerry. However, it may not come with Samsung S4, which is expected to be announced on March 14. But the iPhone 6 or the 5S is releasing much later and it could be possible that the feature is included in the models that are released later in the year.

The technology also allows a user to swipe the screen using a pencil tip or even a hand glove.
“It can recognise the finger on top of the tablets about to two to three centimetres above. The technology is based on capacitative touch screen technology with very high sensitivity,” he added.

“Currently we can only swipe pages. However, soon one will be able to do more activities,” he said.