Tech Talk...iPhone OS updates wirelessly

iPhone is vying to be the ultimate user-friendly gadget ever.

According to a report in 'The Christian Science Monitor'iPhone OS updates could soon come wirelessly!

At present What iPhone users do not have is the ability to wirelessly update their operating system. Apple and Verizon are in the process of bringing this functionality to the iPhone, perhaps as soon as this fall, reports the newspaper's website.
It quotes Mark Gurman as saying "it is unclear whether or not Apple is negotiating a similar wireless functionality with AT&T; right now, it looks like Verizon users would get the feature first."
"Obviously, if this is a feature in iOS 5, it should conceivably make its way to iPad and iPod touches as well," he said. "That means iTunes may no longer be a needed conduit for updating iOS devices in the
future. It would also mean that the iPad could finally be a stand alone device." This last point is especially important: Right now, iPad users must own a laptop or desktop computer to get the most out of their iPads.
However, wireless updates would also present some challenges. "If an update were to bypass iTunes, people would need some other way to back up and sync their devices, perhaps through some sort of cloud-based system," said Lance Whitney.
Now track those snooping on your phone 
WhisperMonitor, launched by Whisper Systems - a company that makes security software for smart phones - is a new software that gives some Android phone users additional control over what their apps are doing, according to 'The Christian Science Monitor' website.
The new software is rolled into the latest release of its main product, WhisperCore, which, among other things, encrypts the data that a user stores on an Android device.
WhisperMonitor is the latest among a host of new applications designed for privacy protection such as Little Snitch, a Mac desktop application that intercepts applications attempting to connect to the Internet, and Lookout Mobile Security, which offers a premium version of its Android app that tracks what data apps can access.
Vincenzo Iozzo, an independent security researcher best known for hacking Apple's iPhone, said while the application might be able to prevent Android phones from transmitting location data, in the process it might break other applications or cause other problems for the phone, reported the website.
WhisperMonitor is a nice solution for those who have the desire and technical know-how to monitor their phone's behaviour at a low level, says Charlie Miller, a software security analyst.
However, Miller notes, WhisperMonitor will induce many pop-ups. "If the user isn't really into security, they'll eventually get sick of them and allow all traffic or uninstall WhisperMonitor," he says.
Apple updates software to fix tracking glitch
Apple Inc on Wednesday released a software update to fix a problem that caused its mobile devices to collect and store customers' location data, reported 'Calgary Sun' website.
The software fix reduces the size of the location storage, ensures the device no longer backs the location information in iTunes, and enables the iPhone or iPad to stop collecting data when Location Services is turned off.
The update is available through its iTunes stores and automatically pops up when an iPhone or iPad is synced. It comprises changes to the iOS crowd-sourced location database cache.
Steve JObs, CEO, Apple, had promised to adjust the company's mobile software to store less location data following allegations that Apple is monitoring customers' whereabouts.
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