Technology redefining UAE classrooms


Traditional boards with teachers using a chalk piece could soon be a practise of the past. Classrooms in most developed markets have already made the shift and Dubai and the UAE could already be on the verge of reaching there.

According to one leading supplier of digital panels, almost all classrooms in Dubai and most of the UAE would be rid of traditional boards within this year or during the next academic year.

“Technology is fast catching up with schools as well.

We already have the technology where teachers can sit on their desk and still use the large screen to explain lessons, draw tables and diagrams and transmit the same wirelessly to individual mini screens placed on a student’s table,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East and Africa, who was participating at the three-day Gulf Education Supplies and Solutions (GESS) exhibition at Dubai.

BenQ itself is showcasing three new display solutions, which according to him can transform the classroom experience.

The BenQ Classroom IQ includes Interactive Flat Panels, a complete classroom interactive projector solution and cloud monitors.

The company says its latest 70-inch interactive flat panels with optical touch technology and more advanced anti-glare features is expected to be rolled out into the market next month. “Since students and researchers spend several hours of the day in front of the screen, we are trying to incorporate features that are friendly to the eyes,” added Bakshi.

“The education sector in the region is pioneering new ways to integrate technology in classroom activities that aims to provide better interactivity between teachers and students,” he added.

Many schools in the country are already allowing students to use Tablets.

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Among the range of products that BenQ is showcasing include interactive projectors. Called the short-throw projectors these devices are connected wirelessly to a PointWrite device that works through an 80FPS sensor attached to the lens of the projector to detect IR beams emitted from the PointWrite pen.

In addition, the BenQ Classroom IQ concept allows up to four students to collaborate simultaneously with PointWrite pens.

Samsung Electronics too was showcasing many of its new classroom technology at the GESS exhibition.

Samsung’s Classroom Interactive Management Solution is the e-board that comes with embedded touch technology and full HD resolution.

Samsung MagicIMS (Interactive Management Solution) and Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) software technologies, enables students and teachers to participate in interactive lessons, intuitively access range of contents, take digital notes and save class work for later use.

The IWB S/W includes a writing-on-the-board function and inter-locked multimedia functions. The Samsung Smart School Solution including the IWB provides a modern dynamic educational experience for superior learning.

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