This driver-less car can be your next office

Your next car could well be your new office, especially when its fitted with luxury business class airline seats that can swivel in any direction, super fast internet connectivity, a rainbow coloured roof with state of the art LED technology.

Get into the driverless car and the interior just converts into a private room or an office from where you can hold business meetings, make conference calls, watch a movie or even take a nap.

Swiss based Rinspeed late last year unveiled their driverless concept car ExchangE that could do all these and much more, while you’re on your way to office.

Regus which specializes in providing serviced offices across the globe has now partnered with Rinspeed to make this concept into reality.

The design of the XchangE allows the front seats to swivel backwards, creating a mobile work and meeting space for four people. The car’s infotainment systems allow passengers to connect to their office and work productively.

The XchangE comes with a state-of-the-art infotainment system, an LTE connectivity for super fast cloud connection.
The idea is to basically provide an atmosphere for passengers in the vehicle to use their time productively rather than staring out of the windscreen.

You may not after all need to use the steering when but the one that is fitted in the vehicle is based on the “steer-by-wire” technology developed by Swabian Company Paravan, similar to what can be found on modern jet aircraft.

It comes with a hands-on recognition, drive-mode-manager display in the rim and transparent multifunction keys with ambiance lighting can simply be “parked” in the middle of the instrument panel together with the innovative lightweight steering column with bionic design from Georg Fischer Automotive.

The Harman built infotainment system uses the manufacturer’s all-new next-generation scalable infotainment platform, which is based on HTML5 and is said to have comprehensive protection against hacker attacks.

The vehicle has a total of four display screen which includes a 1.2-meter-wide display strip in the steering-wheel and a gesture controlled 32-inch 4K monitor in the rear that transforms the “XchangE” into a highly comfortable on-demand UHD movie theatre.

The vehicle is obviously fully connected to the outside world thanks to the inbuilt LTE connectivity. Real-time sensor data is enabled to facilitate the crucial “Car2X” communications. The system also links to numerous other online data sources taping into travel-specific Cloud services such as warning messages or recommendations on route and driving profiles, which are available to all road users in real time.

An intelligent access control system that uses RFID technology to identify the authorized driver or drivers switches on the essential functions of the XchangE.

As the company points out the most impressive feature in the vehicle is the moveable steering column. “It is arguably the world’s most expensive watch winder. Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer has implanted its Patravi TravelTec wristwatch in a transparent globe. When the car is stationary, the globe spins driven by an electric motor and in the process winds the mechanical watch movement!  Crazy, playful, but somehow also ingenious and wickedly expensive,” the statement notes.

The seats can be compared to the relaxing business-class seats in an aircraft and can tilt and swivel in about 20 possible arrangements allowing the passenger to assume virtually any seating or resting position.

The car has a unique roof that shines like a rainbow thanks to 358 individually controlled LEDs in the headliner and another 98 in the instrument panel.

For Regus, which is adopting the model as an “Office on wheels” concept, there is no better solution to cater to those always on the move.

Andre Sharpe, Global Product and Business Development Director at Regus, said: “People already work on the road, thanks to Regus. Now, with the XchangE, Regus’s third place network could encompass the car itself as well as the roadside. A consultant or sales rep could fit in 7-8 hours of productive work each day, using a driverless vehicle, Regus hubs on motorways, and our network of business centres. It’s another illustration of Regus’s commitment to leading the workplace revolution.”

The XchangE will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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