Top Gadgets: Keyboard folds into wallet; your lie detector

From Micrososft’s foldable keypad that sits in your pocket and can connect to both your iPhone and Surface Pro at the same time, to a personal iris scanner that has just been moved from the immigration counter to your living room, this week’s list includes gadgets that can be used for fun.

Foldable keyboard

This one from Microsoft is a universal foldable keyboard the size of your wallet and can easily get into your pocket.

Ideal for those travelling often it is being described by Microsoft as being “ultra-thin, lightweight, and a compact design.”

The device is made of  fabric that makes it water repellent and helps protect against accidents.

You can simultaneously pair the device with any two mobile devices — an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone — and then instantly switch between them with a single touch.

The device is priced at $99.95 and is expected to be rolled out through the Microsoft store.

Lie detector headset

Another gadget meant inspired by law enforcement agencies, but this one’s more for fun and use during parties and games.

The headset sits on your forehead and works by reading your pulse. It uses the same techniques used by the real machine that tries to read the pulse variation in a person who lies.

If the light flashes green, the scanner believes you are telling the truth. Get a yellow light and it says you aren't telling the whole truth. But get a red light and you have been exposed as a liar. The device is priced at $44 and available online from the Japan Trend Shop.

Personal iris scanner

Who said iris scanners can only be deployed at immigration check points?

With hackers going on a rampage computers are no more safe and you can now deploy your own personal iris scanner to protect your system.

This palm-sized device scans the eye to confirm a user’s identity before granting access to secure websites and other sensitive digital data.

According to manufacturers, the device employs the same biometric technology that is used at verify travelers at international borders.

The device comes with a small camera that scans each user’s iris, whose 240 distinctive points form a pattern unique to an individual.

Using this identifying information, the authenticator creates an encrypted ID that cannot be forged or duplicated, unlike standard passwords that can still be entered when acquired by a hacker.

Once identified, users securely link their account information for banking and shopping sites, social media, and other portals.

On subsequent logins, the authenticator scans their iris, verifies their identity, and grants access to any site without having to remember and retype a password.

The device connects via USB to any computer or tablet running Windows 7 or 8, or Mac OS X 10.8.5 and higher. It can authenticate five separate users and comes with a carrying pouch. The device however is priced at $279.95 and can be purchased from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Eyefi Mobi Pro – A new faster SD card with Wifi

Eyefi has launched Eyefi Mobi Pro, a new 32GB WiFi SD card that instantly transfers the pictures you take on to the cloud irrespective of the device you are using it on.

Mainly geared towards photographers, the device also gives users control over which images to transfer from their camera to their mobile device or to their computer for editing, sharing and syncing.

It even chooses the format to be sent to different devices • JPEG images to your mobile device and RAW files to desktop for post-processing.

The device uses your mobile data bundle or connects toy a wifi hotspot when available and has a fully integrated mobile and desktop application.

The SD cards is available priced at Dh375, and comes with a 1 full year membership to Eyefi Cloud with unlimited syncing and storage – valued at Dh184.99.

Samsung curved monitor

Do you spend more than six hours a day staring at your computer monitor?

Have you often visited the doctor with neck and eye pain. Then the Samsung Curved monitor is for you, or so the company claims.

Samsung has introduced a new curved monitor for desktops which they say is in tune with the human eye.

The SE790C Curved Monitor has a 3000R curvature that according to Samsung aligns with the curvature of the human eye.

“The curved screen design enables users to view the entire screen at a uniform distance and offers a unique perspective from traditional flat screen monitors and eases neck and eye strain which are common issues for those spending long hours on electronic devices.

“In addition, the curvature reduces reflection, making it easier on the eyes, by creating the illusion that the viewer is surrounded by the content on the screen,” the company said in its note describing the benefits of the new curbed screen.

The 34 inch SE790C has a 21:9 aspect ratio and ULTRA-WQHD resolution of 3,440 by 1,440 pixels. The device is priced at Dh3,799.


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