Twitter, Apple hiring in UAE: Click to know positions

Social media giant Twitter and iPhone-maker Apple are looking to hire people in the UAE.

Currently, Twitter has four openings which include a Communications – Lead, Account Executive, Partner Manager,and Research Manager.

All the candidate must be bilingual with fluency in Arabic and English (other languages is a plus).

The company does not give any details on salary structure or any associated perks.

Glassdoor, a US-based jobs and recruiting site, puts the average salary for an account manager at $68,640, while software engineer gets on average of $127,486, both annually.

The company said in its fourth quarter 2015 report that monthly active users, excluding SMS-only users, were 305 million, down from 307 million in the previous quarter.

Shares in the company have declined about 68 per cent over the last year, suffering on reports of leadership turmoil and stagnating user growth.

Separately, the iPhone maker has advertised several vacancies with positions including Business Specialist, Inventory Specialist, Creative, Store Leader, Genius, Expert, Apple Care Manager, Regulatory Engineer, Product Manager - iPad and Mac, among others.

February 21, 2016, was the last date for application for some of the above jobs.

No details have been given on salaries, but Glassdoor puts a Genius salary at $20.48 an hour in the United States, $18.99 an hour for Creative, while $19.48 an hour Business Specialist.

Apple has opened two stores in the UAE – one each in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The California-based company reported a profit of $18.4 billion for the quarter ending December 26, 2015, having sold 74.8 million iPhones during the period.

Sales of iPhones grew only 0.4 per cent, the slowest rate in its history, but reported a huge decline compared to the 46 per cent growth in sales during the same quarter 2014.

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