UAE Resident Alert: Free app for roaming calls at local rates

A new app free to download from Google Play store and the Apple app store allows UAE’s roaming telecom users make international calls at a flat rate.

The Roaming Callback App, exclusive to Etisalat users, helps customers traveling abroad make discounted international roaming calls for a flat rate of Dh3 per minute, offering potential savings of up to 77 per cent, according to the telecom operator.

The app works for calls made within the country of visit, the home country, and even other countries. Once downloaded, the app will display the contact list from the user’s native phonebook, and the app will guide the customer step-by-step to making such ‘call back’ calls.

Those not in the Android or Apple ecosystems can still make calls at a discounted rate by dialing *145*[number with international dialing code]#OK to make an outgoing roaming call.

As an example, a customer roaming in, say, the UK, will need to dial *145*0097150xxxxxxx#OK to call an Etisalat UAE number or *145*0096611xxxxxx#OK to call a landline in Saudi Arabia.

“Summer breaks are around the corner and it is time for overseas travel for people in the UAE… Our new Callback App simplifies the process of making a call and therefore makes it much easier for customers to benefit from the highly discounted calling rate of Dh3/min that the callback feature offers,” said Khaled Elkhouly, Chief Consumer Officer at Etisalat.

Etisalat’s roaming call back service is automatically available for all Etisalat postpaid and prepaid customers and there is no opt-in required, the operator said.

Last year, the same operator had launched the C’Me app for users to receive unlimited free inbound C’Me to C’Me voice and video calls while roaming abroad.

That app, available for a subscription of Dh20 weekly or Dh50 monthly, allowed unlimited free incoming voice and video calls.

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The C’Me was the operator’s answer to the several free or more affordable global VoIP calling and messaging platforms, such as Skype and WhatsApp, whose call services remain blocked in the UAE.

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