Video: Samsung takes on Jetman in Dubai

Samsung is leaving no stone unturned as it tries to hit the skies with the marketing of its latest flagship the Galaxy S6.

If you thought Red Bull was the only one that could take to the skies for marketing think again. The South Korean tech giant kicked off its latest “Next is Now” global campaign from Dubai last week when it tested the flying powers of our own Jetman against the charging powers of the Galaxy S6.

The Dubai event was shot on May 4 and with Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, who invented the individual jet pack using carbon-fiber wings trying to complete 40kms of flying before the S6 could fully charge.

“Ten minutes of charging is all the Galaxy S6 needs to deliver four hours of usage,” claims Samsung  as Rossy raced the fast-charging power of the Galaxy S6, flying a route 40km long, trying to reach the finish line before the S6 finishes charging.

The second event will be set in Barcelona will be streamed on May 11 and will feature Marco Brambilla, an artist known for recontextualization. The final event will take place in Shenzhen, and will feature daredevil photographer Daniel Lau on May 18.

“The three-part series will highlight iconic influencers in their fields, as they push boundaries and revolutionize the art of storytelling through technology. The digital events will allow users to experience these events first-hand, along with the subjects as they capture their lives with the Galaxy S6,” says Samsung.

Meanwhile if you are keen on catching up what Rossy is up to log on here.


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