Weird and wonderful: iPhone 5 among ‘unwanted’ Christmas gifts left behind in a hotel

One of the UK’s largest hotel chains, Premier Inn, which also has hotels in the UAE and India, has revealed the strange gifts and presents that guest left behind at their hotels this Christmas.

And – believe it or not – an iPhone 5 was left behind too, seemingly as an ‘unwanted’ gift.

“We are surprised at the variety of gifts that our team members have discovered in the hotels this festive season,” said Claire Haigh, Head of Communications for Premier Inn.

“Leaving the hotels reminiscent of a Santa’s grotto, the list of lost property includes a set of Little Mix dolls, Bradley Wiggins’ autobiography, a Furby (still talking!) and 17 copies of this year’s bestselling book, 50 Shades of Grey,” the hotel said in a media statement.

Books and dolls are just fine; one can expect people to ‘forget’ such items behind, but we wonder who might have junked a brand new iPhone 5 – and not care to collect it or even call back to check about it?

“Christmas day may be over, but we will continue to spread the festive joy by going the extra mile to ensure that these presents are returned to their rightful owners,” Haigh added.

We were seriously contemplating to call up the hotel to claim the iPhone 5 ourselves but the problem is, Premier Inn didn’t mention in which of their 129 hotels did the absent-minded patron leave behind the phone… Was it in Dubai or Abu Dhabi – because then we can throw in some serious claims on that one!

Never mind, actually.

Moving on, alongside the array of presents, Premier Inn team members also found 25 rolls of leftover wrapping paper, 137 blank Christmas cards and two homemade Christmas cakes.

The full list of items found over the month included the following: 2 x Viva Forever Tickets, Little Mix Dolls, 17 x 50 Shades of Grey book, a ‘Future Mrs Styles’ One Direction T-shirt, 2 x homemade Christmas cakes, 18 x Christmas jumpers, a set of diamond earrings, a Furby, Bradley Wiggins’ Autobiography, an iPhone 5, the official Olympic DVD, 5 x onesies, James Arthur's autobiography, a Kindle Fire and 19 x pairs of Christmas socks (as well as three odd ones).

Nevertheless, the hotel chain will be re-launching the Premier Inn Gifts Reunited Service at Premier Inn where guests will be able to comment on the wall if they have lost any items. “Premier Inn will do their upmost to reunite people with their long lost presents,” the hotel chain says.

Let us know is the ‘rightful’ owner of that iPhone 5 doesn’t get in touch – we’ll happily take the load off your shoulders.


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