Where you can get iPhone 6s, 5s cheapest in UAE…

The Apple store is selling iPhones at prices 40 per cent more than several online stores here in the UAE.

Buying an iPhone from an Apple store here in the UAE might cost you anywhere between 15 and 40 per cent more than online stores.

The price difference increases as the model gets older from about 15 per cent for the iPhone 6S to almost 40 per cent for the iPhone 5s.
A 16GB iPhone 6s for example is priced Dh2,599 on the Apple store, but at Dh2,199 on Souq.com.

There are close to about a dozen online stores that are selling the iPhone 6s at prices lower than the Apple store.

The price is actually cheaper compared to prices of similar models on Apple stores anywhere in the world.

In the US for example, a 16GB iPhone 6s is priced at $649 (Dh2,385).

Lulu which has an online store is also selling the device at Dh2,399, close to the price of Apple store in the US.

The difference, however, is in the number of days it takes to ship the product.

The Apple store usually ships it in one business day while it takes five to seven business days for other stores offering rock bottom prices.

Some of the online stores offering delivery in two working days are charging Dh2,299 for the same device.

However, almost all dealers are offering warranty

The price difference for a 16GB iPhone 6S Plus is about Dh300.

On the Apple store, the device is priced at Dh2,999, while the same model is priced Dh2,660 at online retailers.

Surprisingly the discounts are not as big on the iPhone 6 as compared to the latest model.

An iPhone 6 is selling at online retail stores for prices starting at Dh1,949, but at Dh2,199 on the Apple retail store, a difference of Dh250.

Online retailer Sharaf DG was offering the device at Dh1,899 but has run out of stock.

There are also reports that several retail outlets have run out of iPhone 6 stocks as they promote the sale of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus.

Meanwhile, for those who are not very keen on the iPhone 6 or the 6S and would rather prefer an older model stand to gain the maximum discount as models of iPhone 5s are selling at almost 40 per cent cheaper than the Apple store.

While the Apple store has listed a 16GB iPhone 5S at Dh1,799, you can find a similar model listed by other online retailers for as low as Dh1,099, a discount of Dh700.

While UAE retailer Axiom is selling the grey coloured iPhone 5s for Dh1,099, the gold coloured model is priced at Dh1,399, while the silver coloured model is priced at Dh1,699.

Apple has however listed both the gray and silver coloured models at the same price.

The gold version is missing from the Apple store.

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