Why $400 Apple Watch will outperform $50-$100 Android Wears

iPhone customers seem to be the most common smartphone enthusiasts, as Apple Watch has once again overtaken other brands in terms of sales.

According to the latest study published by Juniper Research, Apple Watch claimed 52 per cent of global smartwatch shipments in 2015.

Apple Watch, which is only compatible with iOS devices, was launched in April 2015 and has still managed to get past rival smartphone makers.

According to Juniper, Apple's popularity far eclipsed that of rival vendors, with Android Wear shipments comprising less than 10 per cent of sales for the year.

Meanwhile, Samsung which launched its Gear S 2 at the IFA and the smartwatch with Tizen-based OS has not come anywhere close to Apple in terms of sales.

"Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear S2 has not achieved strong sales volumes since it launched in November despite being well received. Most other smartwatch sales are currently coming from cheaper, simpler devices from a range of smaller players, such as Martian, X and Razer, the latter with the recently-announced Nabu Watch," the note said.

According to it, the smartwatch ecosystem is growing rapidly, with dedicated software companies emerging to supply both games and productivity-based apps.

It also argues that while many smartwatch vendors have produced ranges of watches, allowing for customisation and price segmentation, there have been no great leaps forward that have revolutionised the category.

"The smartwatch is now a category waiting for a market,’ remarked research author James Moar. ‘Newer devices have offered more polished looks and subtly different functions, but no large changes in device capabilities or usage. With smartwatch functions established, it is now up to consumers to decide if they want them, rather than technology companies providing more reasons.’

Juniper is not the only firm that gave Apple Watch a lead in terms of sales.

Last month International Data Corporation (IDC) said Apple Watch might have eaten up 61.3 per cent of the global smartwatch sales in 2015. The company, it said, could have shipped about 13 million units in 2015.

The IDC figures also point to a growing Android share with Android Wear up from 15.2 per cent to 38.8 per cent. Samsung's Tizen registered a downward slide from 8.2 to 2.8 per cent.

IDC is also predicting a much better year for wearables in 2016.

According to IDC, worldwide shipments of wearable devices is expected to rise to 111.1 million this year, a massive 44 per cent increase. Shipments are expected to rise to 214.6 million by 2019.

IDC also expects Apple's Watch OS to dominate with 47.4 per cent market share in 2019 while it puts Android or Android Wear to remain at 38.4 per cent, Pebble OS at 3.1 per cent and Tizen at 2.2 per cent.


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