Why iPhone 5 is just around the corner

CEO Tim Cook visits Foxconn’s iPhone plant in China amidst accusations of improper labour practices

If the rumourmill churning out news and views about Apple’s much-awaited ‘new iPhone’ were to be believed, putting 2 and 2 together makes 5, or rather, the iPhone 5.

The buzz surrounding Apple’s frantic scramble for a summer launch of the iPhone 5 grew louder on news that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook yesterday made his first visit to the technology giant’s iPhone production plant in China, run by Foxconn Technology Group.

Adding fuel to the proverbial fire are reports that Foxconn, which is accused of improper labour practices, has embarked upon a hiring spree and is looking to recruit up to 20,000 workers.

“According to local news report, the factory urgently needs 20,000 more workers because Foxconn has already received orders for the production of iPhone 5,” says MIC Gadget, citing reports from The China Morning News.

As per Apple’s picture handouts dated March 28, and emailed to news agency Reuters, Cook is seen smiling and meeting workers in the newly built Foxconn ZhengzhouTechnology Park in the north central province of Hebei. The facility employs 120,000 people, the handouts said.

“Foxconn will responsible for 85 per cent of the manufacture and about 57 million set have to be produce for each year. Advertisements for the recruitment will be posted across Taiyuan, and Foxconn will hold 20 recruitment sessions throughout the city. Taiyuan Foxconn will target to become the main manufacturing base for the iPhone 5,” the MIC blog, whose acronym apparently stands for Made-In-China, added.

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Foxconn is the company that supplies workers and factories for the production of Apple’s devices, including the iPhones and iPads.

According to the buzz, the new iPhone will have a larger screen (4.6 inches), the all-new Retina display (which made its debut with the new iPad), as well as an upgraded 4G LTE technology although the technology is still not available in many countries around the world.

Click here to read what’s new in the new iPhone 5

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