Why we can expect an iPad2s this year...

With Apple’s two keenly awaited models due for release this year, rumours have gained momentum about what would come first.

While most pundits are betting on iPad 3 to be released first, Apple is always known for its surprises.

According to a recent report iPhone 5 could hit the market as early as June. More details are being leaked about the specifications of the new iPhone.

Quoting an official from Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturer of electronics, that also supplies parts to Apple, reports had said that the new model will have a 4-inch display and the phone will be much slimmer compared to previous models.

It was in November that the first report emerged that the release of iPhone 5 in 2012. The company last year released an upgraded version and called it iPhone 4S along with Siri - the voice recognition software that responds to any query of a user.

Reports had earlier stated that the iPad 3  is almost ready for production and could be launched on the occasion of Steve Jobs’ birthday on February 24.

However, quoting some analysts, reports have now indicated that developers have felt the iPad to be sluggish following tests of the iBooks 2 textbook application on the iPad and iPad 2.

Developers also indicated that there was a need for a more powerful processor to deal with the increased interactions and animations.
“Could we well see the release of an iPad2s this year instead of an iPad3. If Apple can do it with the iPhone why not do it again?” wondered Radhakrishnan Pillai an avid fan of Apple products and a keen observer of new mobile technology trends.

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