Wi-Drive gives Apple-Amazon gadgets bigger trunks

Kingston Technology is helping pack more entertainment into Apple gadgets and Kindle Fire tablets.

A Wi-Drive showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show here by the computer memory specialty company lets data-devouring iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Kindle Fire fans easily tote more movies, music, pictures, or digital documents.

"Kindle Fire only gives you one gigabyte of usable storage," Kingston's Randy Marsh told AFP as he cradled a 16-gigabyte Wi-Drive in the palm of one hand. "If you get one of these bad boys you automatically expand to 17 gigs."

Apple gadgets come with varying memory storage capacities, but more is usually welcomed as people increasingly turn to mobile devices for entertainment or information on the go.

Wi-Drives are the size and shape of Apple's latest iPhone and come in 16 or 32 gigabyte models priced at $60 and $90 respectively. A 64-gigabyte version is to be released by mid-year with price yet to be set.

Kingston is testing a model tailored to smartphones or tablets powered by Google's Android software and it should be released soon, according to Marsh.

Free applications downloaded to gadgets connect them to drives using the same built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that link to Internet hotspots.

As many as three different devices can synch with a Wi-Drive simultaneously, each accessing different movies, music or other data.


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