Wikipedia founder says in discussion with China on ban

Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales says he is in discussion with the Chinese authorities to get a ban on the Chinese language website removed.

Wales was addressing media at the Ericsson’s Change Makers Forum in Dubai on Sunday.

Specifically referring to government censorship and blocks he said, latest encryption methods means, individual statistics are not available to governments any more.

"If they want to block the site, they will have to do so completely. Our site is completely encrypted. You cannot just block a particular page or a section," he said.

Speaking about the growth of Wikipedia in Arabic he says the regional conflict and an acute shortage of editors mean less number of pages. "In Arabic we currently have about 400,000 pages and it is growing," he said.

“Apart from regional strife, the lack of broadband facility and low literacy levels have also contributed to a modest growth,” he added.

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