World's costliest iPhone @ Dh13.1 million


This could well be the most expensive iPhone in the world at least as of today.

UK-based Goldgenie, last week put up their limited edition of what they term as the ultimate piece of luxury technology – the iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy.

The particular iPhone 6 is embedded with 788 VS1 diamonds and is available in 24k gold, rose gold or platinum and is priced at £2.3million. The cost of the Diamond Ecstasy starts from £10,000 (Dh56,000) and upwards.

Anyone who has the money to spare and is interested to buy the device has the option to participate in the creative process and custom make their designs.

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According to the company the customer can work with a range of precious and semi-precious stones including rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and coloured diamonds in black, pink and yellow.

The phone can also be personalised with a laser engraving of a name or symbol or whatever the customer wants.

Goldgenie was also in the news last year when they announced - even before Apple’s official announcement - that customers could pre-order the iPhone 6 for close to Dh12,000.

And they are up at it again, this time with the Apple Watch. According to latest rumours, the smart watch is expected to hit the shelves sometime in April and could be priced upwards $349 (Dh1280)

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Users can register their interest for the luxury gold Apple smart watch customised by Goldgenie in 24k gold, rose gold and platinum. Although no price range has been mentioned, expect it to be nothing less than a five figure amount.


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