World's 'slimmest' notebook now in UAE

Aspire S5 weighs less than 1.35kg and measures only 15mm

Acer unveiled Aspire S5 - the world's thinnest Ultrabook - that measures only 15mm at the maximal point and weighs less than 1.35kg. The ultra-slim device is built with a 13.3-inch LCD.

It features the unique Acer Green Instant-On technology for fast boot and resume, and Acer Always Connect, which lets users manage their multimedia and data on all their devices at anytime, anywhere.

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"The Ultrabook is much more than just a product segment," said Jim Wong, president of Acer Inc. "It's a new trend that will become the mainstream for mobile PCs, and customers will see the unique features gradually extended across Acer's notebook family."

Ultra-fluid contours

Adorned with a delicately curved chassis in Onyx Black, the Aspire S5's cover rim wraps around the system body like a protective shell. A magnesium-aluminium alloy cover and palmrest provide a slimmer and sturdier form, while the metallic brushed detail presents subtle elegance.

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Performance and eco-friendly features

The Aspire S5 features an Intel® Core™ processor, SSD storage for speed and increased shock resistance, professionally-tuned Dolby® Home Theater® v4, long battery life via the PowerSmart battery pack (with a 3X longer life cycle than traditional batteries), and is equipped with a chiclet keyboard.

Will Apple Inc launch iPhone 5 or... what?

There is no iPhone 5.

Hold on, don’t sell your Apple shares yet.

There will be a new iPhone to follow the iPhone 4 and it will be released in June, or in October, depending on which rumour is true.

But one thing is almost certain - it will not be called the iPhone 5.

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Although most news articles and blogs are calling it the iPhone 5, in tune with the numbering series Apple has followed so far, it could break the pattern this time.

The precedent has been set with the launch of the new iPad, not the iPad 3, just the ‘new iPad’. Just before the March launch of the new iPad it was widely expected that Apple call it the iPad 3.

Some even termed it the iPad HD, but Apple has officially called it ‘The New iPad’.

The first iPhone had the EDGE technology and a 2 megapixel camera.

With the second model came the 3G wireless technology. The third model with its 3 MP camera and a faster processor was called the iPhone 3S.

The iPhone 4 was the fourth model that the company released and came with an impressive 5MP camera along with an additional front facing camera and the retina display.

The fifth model although widely expected to be called iPhone 5 was named as iPhone 4S and had an impressive 8 MP camera along with SIRI.

So what will Apple call its next phone?

The obvious choice would be iPhone 5 as a continuation of the numbering system.

Apple could also simply decide to bypass the number 5 and call it iPhone 6 since the next model will be the sixth version of the iPhone.

The next model would include the 4G technology and why not call it the iPhone 4G, or, as with the iPad, Apple is likely to completely do away with the numbering system and simply call it ‘The New iPhone’.

Video: Your iPhone 5 will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1…

With iPhone 5 slated for a launch later this year, the rumour mill is having a field day in outguessing Apple on the features and design aspect of the device.

The latest to hit cyberspace is the self-destruct feature, with “insiders” claiming that Siri, the in-built personal assistant, will smash the screen of your new iPhone 5 if it believes it is in the wrong hands.

There’s even a short video, apparently from Aatma Studio Animation, on how the self-destruct feature will work. Have a look at it here.

 According to the ‘concept’, if you – the owner – enable the iPhone unlock error security feature on the iPhone 5, and if you (or someone who steals it from you) happen to punch in the wrong password three times in a row, bingo, Siri will strike.

After three wrong strikes, Siri will transfer the data to a cloud, from your iPhone 5 to your iTunes (you will be able to retrieve the data later); then erase all the data on your device; and lo and behold, smash the screen into bits.

While this is just a concept video, there might be more than a grain of truth in the data transfer part even if the screen-smash element looks a bit overdone.

The concept video shows the ever-charming Siri courteously bidding goodbye before exterminating the iPhone 5. You’ve got to see it here.

Tell us what you think of the iPhone 5 Siri self-destruct feature in your comments below. Do you have any other original ideas for unusual features that you might wanna see in the iPhone 5? Let us know. Apple’s watching.

No service option for iPad 3 brought from grey market, Apple warns

Apple has warned UAE customers buying the new iPad from grey market that service option will not be made available to them.

"We are yet to officially lunch the product in the UAE. We know that it is available in the market and is being sold by different retailers. Customers who buy the product from them will not be able to get the service done unless there is an official launch in the UAE," said an executive at the Apple Call Centre servicing UAE customers.

There has been no official launch of the new iPad in UAE yet. Apple has dismissed reports that it has officially launched the new iPad 3 in the UAE and said customers will have to wait much longer.

Apple launched the latest version of the iPad in the US, and a few other markets including UK, Singapore and Malaysia on March 16. More than a month later on April 27, it launched in more countries including India, Columbia, South Africa and Thailand. But Apple is yet to officially announce the dates for launch in UAE and other GCC countries.

There were rumours in the grey market that the new iPad would be officially launched by the month-end. The New iPad is selling for Dh1900 for a 16GB wifi only model, while the 4G is priced at Dh2,450.

'Emirates24|7' had earlier reported that the new product could be officially launched by the end of the month.

"We still do not have any launch date in the UAE, at least not today nor the coming few days," the call centre executive added.

Cheaper by the dozen: iPad 3 glut in the UAE sends prices crashing

This picture was uploaded by a ‘trader’ on local classified site Dubizzle, claiming to show stocks of the new iPad 3 he has here in the UAE.

iPad 3 prices in the UAE is dropping by the hour. And Apple is yet to officially launch the product here.

With intense competition among freelance traders who have stocked up the just-launched iPad 3, it is now a race to offload stocks before the official release by the Apple iStore or other leading electronic stores.

The cost of a 16GB wifi new iPad, which was being pre-booked in the UAE prior to the launch on March 16, for Dh3,500 are now being sold at cost price, matching those markets where Apple officially launched it.

A Groupon deal offers the new wifi-only iPads at Dh2,298 for 16GB, Dh2,398 for 32GB wifi and Dh2,698 for 64GB.

In comparison, in Singapore and other markets the 32 and 64GB models were selling for $788 (Dh2,371) and $918 (Dh2,763).

Only the 16 GB model was less expensive selling at $658 (Dh1,980)

Last night, Living Social launched a new deal selling the wifi plus 4G models for Dh3,439 for 16GB and Dh3,879 for 32GB and Dh4,349 for 64gb iPads.

In comparison the prices for similar models at the iStore are Dh2,492, Dh2,883, and Dh3,274 for the 16, 32 and 64GB models.

Living Social is charging an additional Dh60 for shipping.

However with almost all iStores running out of stock, customers are being asked to wait for an additional three weeks.

Meanwhile, the prices in grey markets in Singapore and other countries have gone up by about S$200 for 32 and 64GB iPads.

What’s more, while stocks in these countries where it was initially launched have already run out, UAE traders claim to have excess stocks in the grey market.

While apple only released about 200 odd iPads to individual retail stores in countries such as Singapore, Australia, UK and even in the US, certain grey market stores in the UAE say they have enough stocks available.

“We have enough stocks available to last several weeks,” said Bittu Jethani of Sheeba General Trading.

Several other stores is Sharjah have stocked up on iPads as well, but their profit margins are dropping with every passing hour.

Classified sites like dubizzle are full of new listings by freelance traders who in an effort to cash on with the iPad craze organized special deliveries from UK, US Australia and Singapore.

However, with enough stock in the market their margins are dropping.

“Prices are falling by the hour. Prior to the launch the new iPads were being pre-booked for as high as Dh6,000 for a 64 GB wifi plus 4G model.

“On Friday it had dropped to Dh5,000. Yesterday it was selling for Dh4,900. Today, I am seeing new advertisements that have further dropped the prices. They are going down by the hour,” said Dayanand Pereira from Sri Lanka.








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