XPad tablet launched in Dubai @ Dh299

India’s Simmtronics can offer custom-made tabs for as low as $40

In order to make their brand popular worldwide, Simmtronics Semiconductors Limited has named their new tablet: “XPad”.

The “Made in India” product, selling for Dh299, is one the most affordable tablets now available in the Middle East.

“We found that rather than calling our product - Sim Pad or Simmontric Pad - we decided to name it ‘XPad’. It’s a short name and is very easy to recall just like the iPad,” Arif Khan, Director, Simmtronics, told Emirates 24l7.

The New Delhi-based manufacturer of motherboards, memory modules, tablets and Netbooks, said on Wednesday it could even customise tablets for as low as $40 (Dh147).

“We can custom make any price range tablet… we are working on introducing one that will meet the requirements of students in the Middle East,” Indrajit Sabharwal, Chairman, Simmtronics, said.

Currently, the company has an order booking of 500,000 units. The manufacturing capacity now stands at 300,000 units per month, which will be ramped up to 600,000 per month by year-end.

In the Middle East, Khan reveals that the company’s current order booking for July stands at 10,000 units, which he expects will increase to 25,000 per month in the next two months.

The XPad comes in 7”, 8”, 9”, 9.7” and 10” versions and incorporates both calling function as well as high-definition displays on its robust Android ICS4.0 operating system. The tablet offers maximum connectivity to the Internet, printers, high density TVs, or any number of external devices for easy and reliable on-the-go access to email, movies, videos, music and photos.

The XPad’s six-in-one architecture supports 3G connectivity, 1080p high-definition video playback, audio processor, and dual 2D/3D graphics. The tablet comes with powerful 1 GHz CPU that can handle multiple tasks at considerable speed and packs 4 GB of internal Nand Flash memory for data storage.

It also features a Micro SD card that can be expanded to provide storage of up to 32 GB. Additionally, the presence of the USB and HDMI ports allows users to connect their hard-drives and other devices to offer full operating flexibility and larger viewing.

Emphasising that Simmtronics is the only company in India standing head-on against the Chinese tab manufacturers, Sabharwal said the firm has the design and research capabilities to introduce “quality” tabs, not just at affordable prices, but one that can challenge the Samsung Galaxy tabs as well.

Although Khan strongly believes that the Middle Eastern market is price sensitive, he is not in favour of lowering quality for profit.

“The market is price sensitive here but we won’t compromise our quality for price… I don’t want to lose my brand name.”

Sharaf Electronics is the exclusive distributor for XPad in the UAE.

Simmtronics has four manufacturing facilities globally and offices in more than 21 countries around the world.


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