UAE has highest Arab rate for high-speed web


The UAE had the costliest rate for high-speed internet in the Arab World, standing at $171.3 (Dh628) for individual services in 2015, according to an official report.

Business internet services in the UAE, the second largest Arab economy, averaged $142-403 (Dh522-1,481), showed the report by the Algeria-based Arab Regulators Network of telecommunications and information technologies (AREGNET).

Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab economy and world’s top oil exporter, came second in terms of individual high-speed services, at $99 (Dh364).

The report, published by the Dubai-based daily Emarat Al Youm, showed individual high-speed internet services in the Arab countries cost nearly triple those in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development while business services in the region are nearly 15 times those in the OECD.

The report also showed the UAE had the third highest Arab rate in individual slow speed broadband services, standing at $87 (Dh320) for 2-10 MB. Comoros and Bahrain came first and second respectively.