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This article particularly focusses on the creditor, who for some reason some still seem to act as if they are an island and authority to themselves, then the debtor, who also acts like they are entitled to more leniency than what is on offer and then to the collections agencies who act with no remorse for their inability to sincerely understand some debtor’s situations, who continue to act ruthless and brutal, I am here to inform you diplomatically, that it is enough.

When will you realize that a new circle of creating and fostering prosperity, abundance in all its forms in a debtor’s life, within your organization or company which then overflows into an economy, is beneficial to everyone? When you close the doors, you inevitably close any form of opportunity, even if you don’t think so, take a moment to ponder on this thought.

So, my questions are:

a. When industry standard due diligence has been applied in any debtor’s case to be presented for remedial review, consideration and approval, why do you insist on ignoring these requests and rather opt to apply your personal vengeance by informing the client that you will not approve such a request? Since when should your preferences not to deal with specific third parties have a negative bearing on your organizations well-being? When did you not realize you are only an employee with specific objectives to achieve, which should be impacted by personal preferences? Who died and made you the chief cheese to play with people’s lives? Some people have continued to impose this very brutal manner for years and have been getting away with it and I just wonder when it will stop? There is clear evidence of such outcomes where the result has been extremely harsh for the debtor, who has had to bear the brunt of such consequences because of personal ego! It must stop now, not later and it will continue to be escalated to the correct channels until it stops.

b. On what grounds are you ignoring the debtor’s request when their account is held for almost a decade with your bank? When you have absolutely no reason not to review or approve such remedial requests, where you rather opt to resort to presenting their guarantee cheque and once bounced, you file a case and continue ignoring the pleas? These specific kinds of incidents are also the responsibility of middle and senior management, who continue to ignore such repeated requests and reminders for reviews, which means they condone such behavior. Well, it is unacceptable when there is no reason to finally destroy another human who is vulnerable to be terminated, because your staff are harassing them at their office of employ, notwithstanding the fact that all parties at your organization were reminded that this incident could be actioned. Am I joking? Absolutely not! Perhaps the easiest way for you to find out and experience such situations, is when the situation reverses itself one day and then you will sit and wonder why? Don’t, remember those days when you could wield the rod and chose to turn the other cheek, because there is a price to pay when we are in positions of strength to help other humans and we simply choose to relish in our own self-made arrogance, because that is exactly what it is.

c. Given you have a job to do, to protect your organizations assets and recoup all potential losses to avoid risks, I just wonder why this very important principle is sometimes not taken into consideration, because it’s not, the evidence is there to review and these are problems that are extremely common, because once you ignore a debtor’s pleas and shut the door, especially when they are still employed but can’t cope with their EMI’s, when they have sweated blood and tears to retain their businesses, trying to generate continual new business, but still struggling to maintain EMI’s, then you have just crushed the human spirit and all sense of hope and recovery and you have absolutely no idea what it takes to get back to that place again.

d. Debtors, when you are seated in front of a creditor, their representatives or a remedial company, churning tears like a waterfall, pleading for help and full support, making promises and commitments simply because you want what you are asking for? Then be a true human, once this is done for you at the risk of the representative who give you the empathy you are seeking, then show some respect, maintain your new EMI’s on the due date, lose the excuses as your DBR is now under control, pay your dues in fees for services rendered. Don’t go extract excuses from the back-burner to justify your inability to meet your commitments as it is wrong, and as sure as the sun shines, it will come back to you. One very key principle in life is if you sow bad seed, no miracle is available to transform that seed into good, because the only thing that will come back to you, is bad and it doesn’t matter how much you try to hide from your responsibilities, it is seen, it does not go unnoticed. Finally, dues are there to be paid and it’s not going to ask you for your permission, it will just come at the time you least expect it and then please, don’t ask why, think why, because you will have the time eat your own head.

There is no short-cut and façade that anyone can conjure and assume that they can get away with it, whether debtor’s or creditors and that purely means that you the creditor, show all the kindness, empathy and compassion to your debtors when you can feel from within that they are authentic and do whatever it is you can do to correct the situation. Debtors, it is your sole responsibility to be as authentic as you can, once your request is approved, act with integrity, show some respect and learn to gain your self-respect by following these principles because everything is connected. External agencies act with principle on behalf of the organization you are representing as they entrusted you with their business, they did not stipulate using the harshest tactics of destruction to get what you want, i.e. achieving targets, so respect yourself, act civilly and stop pushing so much as you are building resistance. Remedial companies who really don’t grasp this remedial concept, don’t make promises you cannot keep, know the concept and learn to master it if you just jumped onto this assumed ‘gravy train’, as remedial is an art, it has to be mastered to be perfected, it’s not just securing fees and then not delivering, as the negative impact will badly affect debtors who anyhow could not afford to pay the fees. There is an authentic code of conduct involved in a remedial business, so it’s not for everyone.

Debtors are connected to creditors, who are connected to their external agencies and sometimes remedial companies, but we all have one common goal, to recoup all outstanding debtors to ensure the cogs in the wheel are all in sync, that everyone is satisfied and can progress in prosperity, abundance, well-being, kindness, happiness and future growth.

So, when you review the scenario in this way, then I hope I have convinced you to take out your very best and share it with those you meet, because you never know, you may be standing in their shoes one day and you would be begging for the same attention, except, if you don’t get it, you will then understand exactly what I am trying to present today.

This is what evolution is all about, progress in human lives and economies of countries, survival, overcoming, empowering, transformation, success, kindness, love, happiness and the very best for all in the cycle, which is everyone on this planet, not just this country. A reminder that it costs you zero to be a nice person, to put your arrogance and façade in your pocket for the rest of your life, as it will never serve you, only create contrast within this circle, which is not a good emotion, because nothing progresses in the realm of contrast.

If you stand in the mirror every single day and ask yourself:

“Who am I? What do I want? How can I make a difference?”

Then you are one step closer to your own personal transformation and none of us don’t need that at any time in our lives.

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