WhatsApp rumours in Dubai: Now call this number to check if true

Call Dubai Municipality on +971501077799

Just don’t believe or forward those WhatsApp rumours any more.

Now, you have a dedicated number from Dubai Municipality that will revert to your query on a WhatsApp message.

The civic body said on Sunday that public needs to send any doubtful news or rumours with regard to the area to the mobile number # +971501077799, or through its social media pages.

“We have adopted the principle of transparency and believe in the importance of eliminating the rumors and contain them quickly and logical, and that's for sure from news sources and community awareness through multiple channels,” it said.

A report published by UAE’s Ministry of Interior’s 999 magazine said earlier that people spreading false information on the Internet should be aware that such acts are considered criminal offenses under the UAE laws, especially if they cause public panic.

Under Federal Legal Decree No. 5 for 2012 on combating cybercrimes, spreading rumours “damaging social peace and public order” and causing damage to “national peace” empowers the UAE government to prosecute concerned individuals.

Article 29 of the law states those proven guilty face imprisonment and a civil fine not exceeding Dh1 million.

A number of rumours have been spread on WhatsApp and on several occasions the municipality has come out to quash these reports.

Toxic apple seeds

This month, the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality has affirmed that it ensures safety and quality of all imported foods – including juices.

Its remark came in the context of a response to the rumours circulating in the social media that apple seeds contain a high proportion of toxic cyanide.

Municipality rejected the rumours, saying that the apple seeds are not eaten by people because they have a bitter taste.

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Vimto safe to drink

In May 2016, the Food Safety Department had debunked the rumour that claims the existence of carcinogens in Vimto.

Read: Vimto safe to drink: Dubai Municipality


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