AC mechanic stole jewellery hidden in false ceiling

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced a 28-year-old air-conditioning mechanic to six months in jail term for stealing jewellery that were hidden above the false ceiling of the bathroom by the resident of the house.

The court ordered each of HRS, 32, clerk and MMS, 34, driver, to pay a fine of Dh1,000 for possessing stolen things.

According to the records, Hamza Jameel, a 32-year-old Jordanian teacher, testified that his mother arrived on a visit in January. She gave him jewellery worth about Dh60,000 and Dh500 cash to hide.

“I put them in a sack and hid them in the false ceiling of the bathroom. When I returned home on January 23, my wife told me that technicians had come and checked the filter of the central air conditioner duct in the bathroom.
“I rushed to check the jewellery but did not find them where I had kept them. I suspected the workers who had entered the house and immediately informed the police,” he testified.

Police questioned the workers and suspected RKK who had done the maintenance work on the air conditioner.

The accused confessed to his crime and said that he gave some of the gold to his friends HRS, 32, clerk, and MMS, 34, driver.

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