10 women pile Dh1.26m in Dubai traffic fines

Cars could be confiscated for 7 years

An Asian woman and nine other female drivers, mostly Emiratis, have piled up traffic fines of nearly Dh1.26 million, while their vehicles could be confiscated for more than seven years, according to Dubai’s traffic police chief.

The unnamed Asian woman dominated the list of offenders as it has accumulated nearly Dh201,000 and her car is wanted by Dubai’s traffic police for confiscation of up to 1,873 days, said Major General Mohammed Al Zafin.

Quoted by the Arabic language daily Emarat Al Youm, Zafin said the list includes one Asian female driver and other women, mostly Emiratis.

“Our records show that cars owned by 10 women are wanted for confiscation of up to 2,615 days.

“In case their owners want to avoid seizure of their cars, they should pay Dh261,550 plus fines of Dh1.266 million after committing 1,840 traffic offences,” Zafin said.

He said the Asian driver, identified only as SA, has committed 257 offences, mostly speeding, piling up fines of Dh201,140.

Her vehicle is also to be impounded for 1,873 days.

Second in the list is an Emirati woman, who committed 122 offences involving fines of Dh84,100, while her car is wanted for confiscation of 374 days.

“Most women usually drive safely but there are exceptional cases, which we are trying to identify and tackle,” Zafin said.


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