2 Indians kill compatriot over money dispute

Both have also been charged for consuming alcohol

Two drunk and jobless Indians allegedly killed a compatriot following a dispute over money, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

JAA, 24, and SRR, 27, are accused of premeditatedly killing RR by stabbing him thrice with a knife. The victim had two stab wounds in his left back and one in his leg.

JAA and SRR are also accused of consuming alcohol.

Second Lieutenant Fares Mustafa testified that on June 1, police received a notification about a murder in Muhaisna 2.

“I rushed to the scene of the crime with other policemen. The accused were arrested along with others in their labour accommodation. Investigations lead to the conclusion that the two accused had stabbed the victim,” he testified.

The two confessed to having disputes with the victim.

Forensic reported that the cause of the death was two deep stabs in the back and leg.

The court will reconvene on December 5.

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