2 women beat, force others into vice trade

Two Moroccan women allegedly conned three compatriots by offering them fake jobs, luring them into the UAE and forcing them into the vice trade, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
 LB, 39, clerk, and FZ, 22 jobless, are also accused of practicing prostitution.

One of the victim, FY, 21, was offered a job in a sports club through a man called ‘Hassan’ in Morocco. The so-called ‘Hassan’ had asked her to pay him Dh5,000 for his favour.

“After finishing residency formalities, I arrived in the country on September 3. FZ received me at Dubai International Airport and took me to a flat in Al Murraqabat area. In the flat, other women told me that I would work for LB in the vice trade. When I refused, LB, with the help of FZ, beat me up with their hands and a ‘shisha’ hose,” the victim testified.

FY submitted to the women and she was asked to offer sex to a Saudi man for 2,500 riyals. She was taken to a customer in a hotel.

“As I was supposed to stay with the customer for one day, FZ left the hotel. I grabbed the opportunity to run away to a friend’s flat in Al Barsha area. I told my friend and her husband the whole story and they advised me to contact Dubai Police and Human Rights Department which I did,” said the victim.

The victim told police there were two other compatriot women who were forced into prostitution.

On October 18, police raided the flat and released the two victims SN, 21, and EF, 27.

Police released two Ethiopian maids who were serving the flat and were locked in with the women.

The two accused LB and FZ were also arrested.

SN told police that ‘Hassan’ offered her a hairdresser’s job in Dubai on a monthly salary of Dh3,000. She accepted the offer. However, Hassan asked her to pay him 90,000 Moroccan dirhams.

“As I did not have that much money, he made me sign on a post-dated cheque,” she said.

When she arrived in Dubai, FZ received her and took her to Al Murraqabat flat where she was assaulted before being forced into prostitution.

“FZ and LB took my mobile and assaulted me. They also took my pictures and threatened to send them to my family in Morocco. They also threatened me with the cheque that I had issued to Hassan if I did not obey them. I was forced to offer myself to customers in the flat and in hotels,” she testified.

Similarly,   EF was asked by the so-called Hassan to pay him 90,000 Moroccan dirhams for offering her a job in a salon.

The two women took her passport before forcing her into prostitution.

“We were locked in the flat with the two Ethiopian maids. We were confined and if any of us had to go out for a customer, FZ used to accompany us,” said EF.

The two maids admitted that they had fled from their sponsors and they were offered maid’s jobs in the flat on monthly salaries Dh2,200  and Dh2,500.

The two repeated corroborative testimonies and said that FZ and LB used to assault the three women and forced them into prostitution.

Police found out that the three women were brought into the UAE on work visas issued by MS whose nationality was not identified.

MS told investigators that he had issued visas of companies he manages on behalf of their owner KM, Emirati. He said: “I charged Dh500 to Dh1,000 per visa,” he said denying any relation with the victims and the prostitutes.

KM, 44, Emirati employee, also denied his role in this case, saying that he had assigned MS to manage his company and that the latter was authorised to employ staff and issue visas.

The court will reconvene on April 17.