2 years in jail for kidnapping woman

Two Russians, who kidnapped a Ukrainian woman and drove her to Ajman, received two years jail on Tuesday.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered TM, 30 and EO, 24, to be deported after serving their jail sentence.

The accused also robbed the victim.

On January 13, at around 2.45am, the 49-year-old victim OS, was walking to a pharmacy when a man stopped her and asked about her nationality.

“He then asked me if I know from where he can buy a dress for his wife after telling me that he is a visitor. I told him about some malls where he can find dresses. Then he asked me whereabouts of my accommodation. I told him that I am about 10 minutes away from my residence,” testified the victim in court.

The man offered to drop her to the accommodation, and she agreed.

“I walked with him towards his car where another man was sitting behind the driver seat. He sat in the front passenger seat and I sat in the back seat. After reaching near my accommodation, the driver suddenly diverted and the other turned to me and pulled my hair asking me to keep quiet. He slapped me and held my neck with his hand and pushed me down onto the seat,” she said.

After driving a long distance, they snatched the victim’s bag. They took her mobile phone, passport and Dh400. Then they gave her an email id and asked her to communicate with them via the email and give them Dh5,000 if she wanted her passport back.

The victim reported the incident to the police. The suspects were arrested with the help of Ajman Police.