3 African hackers held in Dubai for email swindle

Hacked e-mail accounts and stole large amounts of money

A Chinese businessman dealing with Pakistani clothes trader based in Dubai was asked by e-mail to remit $130,000 for a fresh transaction. He sent the money from his home country and waited for a confirmation but it never came.

He then realized that he was a victim of an organized embezzlement operation and rushed to Dubai to report his loss to the police.

Tracking the destination of the remittance, Dubai’s police found that it has landed in a bank account in the name of a man residing in the emirate.

When the man was asked by the police about the funds, he replied that he had transferred them to the three Africans and that he was given a share.

“He said that he did not know the source of the funds and that his task is to receive the money and then transfer it to those three in return for a percentage,” said Brigadier Khalil al Mansoori, Dubai criminal investigation chief.

“It turned out that the three managed to hack the e mail accounts of the Chinese businessman and the Pakistani traders and stole the money.”

He said police also discovered that the three had created a bogus company to provide a cover for its fraud operations, adding that police also found that many cheques had been deposited in the company’s bank account.

“We are now investigating whether these cheques are a result of other fraud operations as we have so far received two reports from the Chinese businessman and another company which reported the loss of Dh97,000.”

Mansoori said the three Africans confessed to their crimes and that part of the funds swindled from the Chinese had been recovered.


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