3 convicted in bribery case appeal sentence

Three accused denied the accusation when they first appeared before the Dubai Criminal First Instance Court in January. (Shutterstock)

Three Asian businessmen, who were sentenced to one year in jail each for offering Dh250,000 as bribe to a Dubai Municipality inspector to obtain a 'No Objection Letter' to park their trucks at the fruit and vegetable market, have appealed the verdicts.
The convicted people were Indians, KK, 42, partner, manger, SM, 38 administration manager and Iranian MA, 63, businessman.
The three were also ordered by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance to be deported after serving their jail term.
According to the records, in August 2014, Khamis Mohammed, 25, Emirati, was assigned by Dubai Municipality as chief market inspector in Ras Al Khor fruit and vegetables market and was responsible for issuing parking permits and control fruit and vegetable shops in addition to the parking in the market.
"Immediately after moving to the market, KK visited me and asked me to allocate 10 parking lots for his company's trucks and offered me a large sum of money in return. I pretended to accept his offer and so he asked me to accompany him to show me the parking lots he needed. We went together to his fruit and vegetable outlet and offered me Dh150,000 against issuing him permits for ten parking areas," said the inspector.
KK then asked the inspector to allocate other four parking lots to his fellow trader, for which he offered Dh100,000 as bribe.
"After agreeing to issue him 10 parking permits, KK accompanied me to his fellow trader and offered me Dh100,000 for allocating four more parking lots. Then he accompanied me to two other companies and offered me Dh150,000 for allocating eight parking areas for the two companies, four for each. KK also mediated for allocating unlimited numbers of parking lots to a fifth company against Dh500,000," said the inspector.
The two agreed to postpone discussing the fifth company's needs until processing of permits for the first four is over.
In the mid of August, KK submitted applications for parking permits for the companies and enclosed the required documents with them.
The inspector informed the police and his senior about the issue and after receiving the application from KK, the inspector forwarded them to his senior who was made to put his signature on them.
However, in addition to the permits, KK asked the inspector to issue letters from the municipality stating the allocation of the parking lots to the companies as a condition for paying him the sums of money agreed upon.
The inspector issued the letters and on September 19, at around 5pm, the inspector met with KK and handed him the permits. After KK handed him Dh210,000, police raided the place and arrested KK.
Police investigated the case and arrested SM, administration manager and MA, Iranian businessman, for offering Dh100,000 and Dh150,000 respectively as bribes.
KK is accused of mediating between SM and MA and the inspector.
The three accused denied the accusation when they first appeared before the Dubai Criminal First Instance Court in January.

The Court of First Instance sentenced each of the trio to one year in prison and ordered them to be deported after serving their jail term.

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