3 months for attempting to steal sewerage cap

An Indian worker who tried to steal an unused sewerage cover from Dubai Health Care  and two people who bought the stolen thing from him, were sentenced to three months in jail by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

BRD, 55, Indian, AHA, 23, worker and RAB, 47, driver (both Pakistanis) found guilty of attempted theft of an iron sewerage cap worth Dh2,000.

The security guard of Dubai Health Care caught the three while attempting to load the sewerage cover into their car at 8.30am on April 5.

BRD was assigned by his employer, who has a contract with Dubai Municipality, to execute greenery and beautification works for the interior roads of Dubai Health Care.

BRD claimed that he saw that the sewerage cover had been thrown away and was not in use for ten days, so he decided to sell it to the two othrs for Dh30. They came with him to pick it up.

AHA and RAB admitted to receiving a phone call from BRD and agreed to buy the cover from him but denied knowing that it was stolen.

Ali Abdullah, assistant security director, testified that the cover belonged to Dubai Health Care and that it was put aside to carry out some gardening work.

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