3-yrs jail for assault, causing woman's death

A 23-year-old jobless Emirati, AAM, who assaulted a woman in the street and caused her death, was sentenced to three years in jail by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

He was also found guilty of molesting the deceased woman’s friend in the street.

AWJ, 28, Kenyan, testified that on February 18, she left Crown Plaza Hotel with her friend SW and the deceased AW, heading to the back side parking of the hotel at around 3.30am.

“Two men, one of whom was wearing blue jeans, cap and a dark jacket, came close to us. One of them groped my lower back and as I turned around,he groped my breast. When I shouted at him he said that you are black like me and black people do such things.

“His friend apologised saying that he is drunk. When I was heading towards my car talking on the phone, I heard my friend shouting.  I turned back to see the same man punching my friend on her head several times and after she fell on the ground he kicked her head badly.

“I rushed towards her and other people gathered and controlled the attacker who raged and assaulted the people. When the hotel’s security staff came to the scene, he and his friend ran away from the scene. I gave police their car’s plate number,” she testified assuring that neither she nor the victim abused the man.

The woman fell unconscious and was admitted to ICU in Rashid Hospital and was announced dead two days later.
SW, 29, visitor repeated the same testimony.

Guard Husam Mohammed testified the attacker ran away with his friends when they saw the security staff. “We reported the incident to the police and gave the number of their car.”

Forensic doctor Ashraf Ibrahim, 36, Egyptian, testified that the victim sustained fatal head injuries and fracture of the skull and internal bleeding that could have been due to her head hitting the ground. A shoe cannot cause such an injury and the accused did not have a hard wooden or steel tool with him.