557,000 speed offences in Dubai in 6 months

A total 1.16 mn offences involving speed, illegal parking and use of mobile phones

Police cameras heavily deployed in Dubai recorded a whopping 557,000 speed offences in the first half of 2012, nearly half the total traffic violations.

Most of the offenders overshot the speed limit by between 20 and 30 km and the violations occurred on Sheikh Zayed Road and other streets in the Gulf’s business hub, according to police data.

The figures showed the total offences recorded by Dubai’s traffic police stood at 1.16 million, an average 6,444 a day.

“Police cameras recorded 557,000 speed offences in the first six months of this year….most of them were 20-30 km above the speed limit,” Dubai traffic police chief Major General Mohammed al Zafin said in local press remarks.

His figures showed there were 34,000 offences involving failure to fasten the seat belt, 22,454 involving use of mobile phones while driving, and non-compliance with road lanes. Nearly 19,000 offences involved pedestrians using the wrong crossing on Dubai’s roads.

Experts said the offences meant Dubai has one of the world's worst traffic records, with a ratio of one offence per every two persons.



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