7 Asians steal Dh132k in cash, kind

Seven Pakistanis allegedly robbed a food trading company and stole Dh37700 in addition to Etisalat cards valued to Dh95000, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 19, MA, 55 Bangladeshi investor closed the shop at around 1am.

On the next day morning his partner, FD went to open the shop and was shocked to find that the door lock broken.

"He immediately informed and reported the crime to the police," testified MA.

In the presence of the police, the two investors found out that Dh35000, in addition to about Dh1700 Omani, Saudi, and Qatari currencies, and Etisalat cards valued Dh95000 were stolen.

Police investigated and found that few Pakistanis were involved in the theft.

On February 23, police raided the house and arrested six of the accused IB (28), KM (25), MA (33), MJ (37), and IA (24).

The seventh accused MS was arrested later.

The accused admitted to the crime and said that MA had planned the robbery.

Police also seized the car used for the crime.

At around 2am, MA accompanied by his roommates drove a fiends' car, who was out of the country when they committed the theft and has no knowledge about it.

They broke into the shop and the safe box and stole the money and cards.

They drove back home and divided the money and the cards among them.

The court will reconvene on July 31.